Business Bay Square (BBS) is an accredited development undertaken by Ten Commodities and Wholesalers Limited. It is located in Eastleigh Nairobi bounded by General Waruinge Street to the South. BBS Mall is the biggest shopping center project of Kenya and East Africa.

First in the project, architectural consultancy services were provided in many areas apart from the Gold Souq and Mosque design. A significant cost saving has been achieved in the cost of glass roof by recommending a half-glass half-solid ceiling instead of a completely glass-covered roof on two 8-meter-long main walkways. In this half-closed half-glass new ceiling, there is no loss of light intake to the interior, all walking paths have the same luminosity. A more comfortable walking street is defined in the interior by preventing the overheating caused by having a completely glass roof.

Secondly the wall with the artifical waterfall in the main atrium was a completely enclosed wall in the project. This wall houses the spaces that provide the most beautiful facade to the atrium. It is recommended to remove the wall parts of this wall other than the columns. In this way, many restaurants in the food court have become more valuable by establishing a visual relationship with the atrium. In this recommendation, it is made exactly like the walking paths roof.

Thirdly the part where the women were in the interior of the mosque was 2 distance from the kiblah wall as a mezzanine floor. The men's prayer hall had a height of 7.5 m and the women's place of worship had a height of 7. m. We envisioned the men's main place of worship to be 15 meters instead of 7.5 meters, by taking the women's section completely backwards. Instead of looking at a 2 meter space, the women's prayer space gained a more spacious area facing a space that will be the place of worship for all men.



1200 shops
130 000 sqm construction area

Client: Ten Commodities Wholesale Limited

Architect: DLR Group

Interior design (mosque-gold souq): WALL Corporation

Architectural Consultant: WALL Corporation

Architect of record: Maestro Architects

Engineering consultant: Linx engineers

Project management: MaceYMR


WALL Corporation