Recently, my colleagues and I created a new design for the Hama apartment project in the city center, in Myanmar. We expect the design to be liked by many people.

The project has an area of ​​​​about 2,426m2, with a relatively large space, which will attract many residents. Total construction floor area is 31,500m2.

The population density around the area is said to be large, making it one of the most densely populated areas in the country. The main color of the building is gray-brown, combined with the yellow light inside each room will help the building look more luxurious. In addition, the residents here can add brighter lights to the room, cream-colored curtains are a suitable proposal.
Around the building, there will be many facilities such as supermarkets, gymnasiums, swimming rooms, music classes, design classes, and other electronic services that are also of interest and frequent use. Close to airport and schools, convenient to travel. As a natural thing for apartment buildings, around the Hama apartment building, many trees will be planted to create a feeling of coolness, coolness and mellow in the summer. Customers when using the building's services will feel more secure. The glass used in the building is expected to provide good light absorption for people. The glasses have a blue light mode when the sun shines on, creating a cool feeling.

With a passion to be an architect, we hope this design is appreciated and commented by many people if something is not right. This year we will design more, hope to get everyone's interest. Wishing everyone a very happy day.


Total construction floor area is 31,500m2.

Hoa Hoa & team