The project is located right next to the Lac Long Quan coastal road, there are many 2-4 star resorts with many different architectural forms. The project owns a prime location with a panoramic view of the beautiful Phan Thiet beach, the surrounding landscape is still quite wild when compared to other developed tourist areas, but this is also the strength of the project when it creates Feeling close to nature for customers to come full of fun and relaxation.
With the roof architecture like the flower fern, it is a plant of the humid tropics with many green colors for the development of the rhyme of mysterious numbers to match the luxurious architecture, full amenities and Characteristic, impressive shapes and green resort architecture to increase the value of life.
Due to the long and narrow shape of the land, the blocks should be arranged symmetrically according to the plan of the landscape axis throughout. The trees are arranged for each area alternately and convenient for residents to feel close to nature, the park landscape is mainly arranged with coconut trees.
Use various energy-saving design solutions such as natural light, wind and trees to reduce water consumption, light and temperature. For example, use natural ventilation and light to achieve bright interior spaces.
Reuse rainwater to provide green areas, reduce the amount of artificial air conditioning, reduce the amount of artificial air conditioning by using: green roofs to reduce heat absorbed from the sun, using materials Does it have a high thermal insulation capacity?



Site area: 15,420m2
Plot ratio: 1
GFA: 18,026m2

Binh Nguyen


Binh Nguyen