Technology Products Showroom section of Turkey's one of biggest tech wholesalers' designed by Aktar Design Studio, (const. 01/07/2022)
Company decided to separate high-end tech products from mobile tech products in a different showroom.
This showroom is an additional facility of the headquarters of company constructed in 2020.

An entrance space with 7 metres height welcomes customers with a sci-fi style info desk in the middle and a wooden stairway on a steel construction and a free cafe on the left offering a tidy space for customers to have short interviews. All of the linear led ligthing elements are synchronised electronically to give different ambient mood throughout the experience.

Clavinet looking suspended ceiling above the entrance hall designed to trigger a funky mood for customers. Stretched metal planes are used to form suspended ceiling in showroom areas with linear and double spot lighting fixtures placed at contacting axes.

Entrance zone has wooden and green grass elements for getting rigid linear perspective lines to separate from showroom zone indicating the environmental sensibility of company.

Steel carrier under wooden stairs are placed on the right in a clear field to aware customers about the upper showroom level at first sight.

Aiming the exhibition and the control of such a large number of different products a basic layout for stands is preferred, making it easy for customers to orientate and navigate without missing the variety of products.

Linear continuing elements in monochromatic shades are chosen in showroom areas to get the simplest form of perspective for spectators and local reflective materials are used for giving transversal depth to perspective composition.

Having local basic design harmonies and experiencing it while walking around was a great pleasure for the whole design team.



Owner: ZORE LTD.
Location: Ankara/TURKEY
Total area: approx. 3610 m² (with stock area)
Total cost: $3.000.000
Construction time: 36 weeks
Building Contractor: Ahmet OGUZ
HVAC: NG Heating Modules & Chiller
Electricity: Solar panels at roof supplying all energy need of the facility.



Edibali AKTAR