This is a residential space located in Nung 16 Park, a place surrounded by greenery and beautiful visual scenery. A refined living space to house three generations but remains private and convenient at the same time.

The main purpose of the interior design in this space is to preserve as much daylight as possible. The original building is designed with a darker, artdeco style, constructed with dark glasses for both style and privacy concerns. However, instead of using luxurious decorations to match the decorative architectural style, we decide to make good use of the surrounding areas. It is not often for urban housing to own such a great natural view when the city is usually equipped with skyscrapers. Inspired by Le Corbusier’s Five Points of New Architecture, we adopt the idea of horizontal windows into our design and maximize the surrounding nature of the household. We make sure the light transmittance is enough by entwining enough natural light in a household through large glasses and limiting the usage of partition walls. Without too many walls, natural light is free to roam and change inside the household to provide the healthiest lighting for human beings. What’s more, making sure a great view of the environment, we pushed the artificial lights inward and away from the window to allow more natural light into the building and to avoid the possibility of blocking the natural view with improper artificial light reflection.

We minimize the requirements for artificial lights in the interior area, adapting earth tones for the overall style with low reflective materials, such as smoked-treated veneer to increase the color rendering and permanence. Our design is always about returning ourselves to nature. Feeling the change of light as time passes and becoming part of nature by limiting human interference and proper design. Honed boards and other metallic materials are also used to light up the interior space with natural light, maximizing the activity spaces with warmth and joy. With a proper amount of artificial light source in the activity area, we expect the natural light and the artificial light to entwine and infiltrate through the change of time and create a perfect living experience for everyone involved.

We put the client’s needs in mind, creating a simple space for clients to enjoy pure happiness with the flow of natural light. It is through color, light, and space that a magnificent interior household is designed without lavishing decoration, creating an elegant space to match the extravagant architecture itself. Embedding light, shade, and shadow in human activity areas that correspond with the surrounding greenery and high-rise building environment, allows a sense of peacefulness through our nature in the bustling urban area.



The overall design of the room focuses on life interpreting, entertainment, and leisure. We divide the space in a way that is considerate for all ages. The space is designed to ensure everyone’s convivence and privacy, making sure that both the elderly and the caregiver will feel respected inside. We use the bathroom space efficiently to create a grandiose and size impression, at the same time, the accessible bathroom is given with enough natural light to ensure a friendly and delightful environment. The U-shaped glass worship cubicle, living room area, and large-scale floor-to-ceiling balcony form a main public space, together with the kitchen island and dining area that intertwine into a beautiful leisure life area. As for private spaces, the master bedroom is set separately in a private reading room due to the owner’s work habits, preventing the possibility of disturbing each other, while the secondary bedrooms communicate and fulfill the occupant’s preference through decoration and color choices.

Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Afterglow by Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute in Taiwan won the WA Award Cycle 46. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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