In recent years, small-scale mixed-use properties have become popular in Vietnam cities, where typical townhouses dominate the existing neighborhoods. This building type in combination with reliable business models and excellent design solutions utilize the potentials of the site and maximize benefits for not only project owners; developers; and tenants but also end-users and the public.

The Jungle is a unique boutique mixed-use building which is designed to match with a challenging brief. The building shall accommodate 900 square meter of retail, commercial and residential spaces plus a shared basement and common areas on the ground floor. The South-facing 300 square-meter site is located at a busy street in a high-density urban area within 10-minute drive distance from the city CBD. The local masterplan requires a 12-meter setback plus a 45-degree angular edge at the South-West corner to give way for a large street expansion in the future.

The design concept of The Jungle is inspired from an imaginary tropical forest in the middle of the city. Many landscaped balconies of different sizes and shapes are purposely placed across the facades of the building. As a distinguishable element of Vietnamese architecture, each balcony provides shading and protection from the tropical heat and rains, creates a transitional zone between the indoor and outdoor, and are also typically used as a relaxing space with lively plantings. In The Jungle building, the unique composition of the clay-finished balconies, vaulted columns, curved glazing and countless plantings create a symbolic impression of a mysterious jungle in the tropic.

The design concept is ultimately transformed into the interior of the commercial spaces as well as nine cave-like apartments with curving walls and ceiling finished in clay color. Each apartment is provided with at least a balcony filled with diverse plantings and flowers. The top floor is dedicated for a boutique cafe and co-working space which is formed by a group of randomly-placed tree-like structures and a light-weight roof made of light-filled translucent glass-blocks. This unique space creates a sense of wildness and mystery just like wandering in the middle of a jungle. Finally, a zig-zagging stair connects the outdoor cafe to a leafy rooftop garden with panorama views to the surroundings.


Land area: 300 m2
Total gross floor area: 1000 m2
Number of floors: 07
Height: 24 m
Status: design completed, construction in progress

Project Principal: Vinh Phuc Ta
Project Leader: Anh Tuan Pham
Design Team: Hoang Nam Nguyen; Minh Hieu Huynh; Thu Hang Tai; Huynh Nhu Bui
Construction Team: Van Kieu Pham; Ngoc Phi Duong

The Jungle by ROOM Design & Build in Vietnam won the WA Award Cycle 46. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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