Once again I would like to confirm that. Kyushu - a leading tourist city in Janpan. That is why this place is an ideal destination for many domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to the budget hotels to luxury, luxury resorts or motels. Then when coming to this place, you can choose for yourself a Villa Kyushu. It will also bring you an equally great experience.
Websites, forums ... often information on peak occasions Kyushu or "fall". Simply because the number of tourists coming to Kyushu is too large, it is impossible to meet all. That's not to mention the fact that mass organizations, delegations and groups of tourists choose to come to Kyushu. The number of hotels and motels in the city is very large. But it's hard to say what's best for you. Not to mention the large groups of guests, households, etc., it will be difficult for me to stay at those places of stay.
This! I will make a very simple comparison so that you and your friends can easily imagine. For example, our group to Kyushu consisted of 5 families. The total number of members is about 15-20 people. Choosing for yourself a budget hotel on weekdays is also 100,000 VND / person. And if the peak days or holidays. That price can go up 3 to 4 times. Not to mention that there will be no room or if there is, it will not be enough for our group.
But if you choose for yourself a villa or a whole house. The cost is sometimes the same and sometimes cheaper. But there are many favorable things that not everyone knows! This is a private space with high quality standards. You can also cook, organize an outdoor BBQ party, sing and dance...
Not only that, you can choose to stay in a separate villa or villa. You will feel more comfortable. Cook and prepare delicious food. Or you can organize outdoor BBQ parties. Under a poetic and romantic space typical of Kyushu. Surely this will be one of the most wonderful and ideal experiences for you!



GFA: 25.000m2

Mr. Liaen, Ms. Chayeoki


liaen Nobu