Night Street Villa is one of the new villas built and put into operation in Manila. This villa is built with a combination of modern and classic style. It is most clearly expressed through the architectural style and interior used. The floor is covered with high quality wood, the living room and the kitchen are equipped with appliances. European style furniture. Both elegant and modern. Not only that, with large windows made of transparent glass. They will make the most of the natural light entering the room, as well as the view of the landscape, will become the most airy.

This villa has a total of 6 bedrooms. This is indeed one of the most suitable choices for families. Or groups of tourists who want to have the most impressive and wonderful vacation in Manila City.

In particular, Night Street Villa has a fairly large garden area. It also has a pretty nice view. This is the most suitable place for you to organize family parties. Outdoor birthday parties under a beautiful and romantic space. Certainly, when choosing to come to Manila, visitors cannot ignore this extremely wonderful place to stay.
This is one of the most peaceful and suitable areas for those who are looking for a vacation. The most impressive and wonderful tour in Manilacity of thousands of flowers. Only about 3km from the city center. Close to this place, there are many places to visit, tourist attractions. In particular, there are many cafes and restaurants that you definitely cannot miss when choosing to come to Manila.

The space here is designed in the style of a villa which is quite luxurious and modern. With a beautiful flower garden, many colors. This is a very favorite place for couples


GFA: 15.500 m2

Ms. Sunny, Mr. Jackson


Sunny Lee