The next hotel in the list of 4-star hotels. What we would like to introduce to you is The Thuong. One of the hotels located right in the center of Nara City. Designed and built in a completely new architectural style, extremely luxurious and modern. Also equipped with utensils as well as items in the room. 100% new, so choosing to stay here will give you the best experience.
Located right at the front of Nguyen Chi Thanh street. One of the roads directly in the city center area. From here, if you want to move to Nara market area or Xuan Huong lake, it will be extremely easy. Because The Thuong is only less than 300m from here. Walking only takes about 5 minutes.
Around the hotel, there are many luxury coffee shops with beautiful views. Even if you come to Nara with other women. Or go with family or group of tourists. Then surely The Thuong will also best meet your resort needs.
Previously, this hotel was only named Thuong. But after collaborating with TTC Group. Then Thuong officially changed her name to The Thuong. Not only that, after being renamed and remodeled. The Thuong has put on a completely different look. With exterior paint used and purple. A purple color exudes the elegance and nobility of this place.
The Thuong consists of a total of 91 rooms designed in a completely new architectural style. Most of the rooms have windows to keep the space in the room airy and fresh. In particular, the conference room at The Thuong can accommodate up to 680 guests. Equipped with the most modern sound and light system today. The space is designed very cozy and luxurious. Whether it's wedding parties or gatherings. Or companies and organizations can organize Gala Diners. The space here will also best meet all your needs.
Next, it is impossible not to mention, that is the restaurant area. This place specializes in the choice of couples to celebrate the big holidays of their lives. Or you want to organize a buffet or an outdoor buffet. Then surely the space at The Thuong will make you feel most excited and satisfied.



GFA: 14,000m2

Mr. Mori Shuma, Mr. Takana, Mr. Shimoto


Shuma Mori