At the gate of the Váli Valley, in Felcsút (30 kilometers east of Budapest), next to the Pancho Arena (designed by Tamás Dobrosi), which was chosen as one of the most beautiful football stadiums in the world in 2016, Hotel Pancho was built on the territory of the football academy named after Ferenc Puskás.

Installation, adaptation to the environment:
The buildings of the football academy were designed and built following Imre Makovecz's 2005 installation concept and the spirit of Hungarian organic architecture. The line will now be closed by the hostel building on the northern edge of the site. We designed the building to extend the longitudinal axis of the Spot Center, handed over in 2018, to the north. The most important fitting point thus became the domed lobby of the Sports Center and, of course, the wonderful panorama of the Váli valley. In addition, we had to pay attention to turning slightly away from the boiler house building.

The mass formation of the building respectfully refers back to the building of the swimming pool previously designed by Imre Makovecz - and Tamás Dósa Papp as a collaborator - but not built, which would have been the northern end of the construction at that time. The building consists of a large, spherical domed vestibule and an elongated, lens-shaped building wing growing out of it in an L shape. An 8x25 meter swimming pool is located on the ground floor of the wing extending towards the Váli Valley. The restaurant is located at the end of the north wing. The central part of the wings with cross-gable walls includes a block defined by a central corridor, ground floor plus two floors of hotel rooms. Mechanical engineering was located in the lenticular attics. The central bay of the swimming pool wing has a sub-basement, the spaces for water engineering are located here.



35-room, 4-star hotel
The net floor area of the building: 5420 m2

Responsible architect and designer: Tamás Dósa Papp
Architect colleagues: Balázs Imre Arnóczki, Róbert Pusztai, Tamás Emődi Kiss


Tamás Dósa Papp