Style may denote age and era, but art knows no boundaries.
Home is a presence distinct from all other spaces. It wields a profound power that fuses one's spirit, memories, dreams, character, and even the continuum of past and present lives. Home is an extension of our physical selves, and it should indeed, through the relentless passage of time, approach Heidegger's poetic dwelling, a poetic closeness to the self that is infinite.

Z Times-The Art House
"We've crafted a free-form spatial layout that accommodates the diverse living styles of the homeowners, allowing them to coexist in a shared space, serving as both the backdrop and the finishing touch to one another."

Spatial Layout
Expansive and Free-Form

This nearly 400-square-meter dual-bedroom residence was created by merging two smaller top-floor spaces. Through layout reconfiguration and adjustments to door and window positions and dimensions, the new space accommodates individual spaces for each family member, along with a mansion-scale family activity area.
Surprisingly, the designer completed two living modules composed of changing rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, which are exclusive Spaces for different family members.
The strip-like, floor-to-ceiling windows on the southern facade envelop the entire public area in natural light. Prior to the renovation, the inward-sloping angle of the windows affected both the lighting and the living experience. This flaw was offset by a vertical reconstruction.
With a clean spatial base, the designers embedded open and minimalist elements to embrace the interior's richness.

Family Shared Area
The fusion of art and emotion

Entering through the modernist lobby, the vibrant red entrance cabinet, paired with print instantly illuminates the space. The corner wall features Ye Fang's "Between Reality and Illusion," and these works of art deliver a subtle yet exquisite emotional impact, signifying that you have entered a new world.
The homeowners have a unique taste for art appreciation. In the spatial design, the designers juxtapose elements like straight lines and curves, colors and textures, sculpture and painting, lightness and weight, and when complexity and contradictions are unified in an inclusive space, they form a luminous whole that belongs solely to the homeowners of this residence.
The living area, enclosed by Ligne Roset and Edra Polar Bear sofas, is clean and dreamy. A Foscarini Orbital floor lamp in the corner and the relaxed Moroso Petal chair transport the scene to a place of Shangri-La's vivid imagination. Coffee tables of varying sizes and materials produce lively harmonies within the space; not a single corner is dull or rigid.
A series of furniture and art pieces made from scattered petals and glass resin formations are original works from design companies. These congealed clouds and water flow constitute a poetic thread that permeates the space, highlighting their moment of congealment.
Beyond the resin screen, the bar and dining area face the living room. The island, cabinets, and drawers, weighing a total of 600 kilograms, have undergone meticulous structural verification to be realized in this area. The substantial cabinet and the glacial design of the dining chairs release a striking contrast charm. The cabinet panels hidden behind the island display a transition from green to red when viewed from different angles, forming a mesmerizing visual dialogue with the large lotus prints on the ceiling. The entire area seems like a rippling lake where art and reality merge, with classical and contemporary blend.

Private space of Z Times
Personality and balance

The soft earthy tones and curves belong to the younger family members. From the bedroom to the bathroom and the studio, arched doorways and large sliding doors connect these areas, creating distinct realms for each while allowing airflow and sunlight to flow. The arches and soft curves continue from the structure to the furniture and accessories. This candy-like sweetness on a linen-colored canvas is not abrupt but rather harmonizes the intricate details of the public area, creating a soothing ambiance.
The dressing room, almost as spacious as the bedroom, is a magical box of dreams with its brown glass cabinet, providing indirect lighting that exudes elegance and ceremony.
The bathroom boldly incorporates unique expressions, whether it's the immaculate tranquility or the plunge into the "forbidden" black. It seems to transcend the entire space, bold and intense, creating dynamic balance with the whole, and the spatial rhythm of inhalation and exhalation emerges from this interplay.



Project Area: 370 sqm
Completion Date: 06.2023

Creative Director: Liu Juanjuan
Project Creator: Zhang Xuezhi


TUPAI Space Photography