The proposed design of the shopping mall, was design to enhance economic activities of the north western region of nigeria in lined with current state of art.

The idea behind the concept of the design is shopping basket which showcase the shopping activities.

The design comprises of literature review and basement parking
Ground floor and 1 & 2 and roof plans, sections elevation and pictorial 3D view.

Literature review comprises:-
1. Introduction- which defines the project, aims, scope, brief history and objectives, title and location of the project
2. Brief development- this provide spaces and their functions to be included, spaces standard and why designing shopping mall

Case study:- the case study was conducted at shopping center, tera, IRAN

Conceptual inspiration:- the idea is driven from shopping cart which showcase the shopping activities

Site zoning:- the zoning is base on noises and sound within the site, where we have noisy, semi noisy and mute area

Site plan:- it characterized with main building, parking spaces, green areas, pavements, and access to basement parking spaces which is made for administrators and retailers.
The two wings of access road are for inn and out, which connect all the parking including basement.

Functional flow chart:- this shows spaces and their relation to each other and their accessibility.

Floor plans:- this consist of basement, ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor
At basement we've administration office, parking spaces, express stores and services
At ground floor we've restaurant, retails, and mini supermarket
At 1st and 2nd floor we've anchor stores and retails.

Roof plan:- the roof is parabolic hyperbolic roof

Sections:- the section are two which give the total height of the structure

Elevations:- these comprises of four side views of the building.

3D view:- this bring a pictorial view of the proposed project.



2. Basement parking
3. Restaurant
4. Archor store