Taking inspiration from Thai architecture and the serene nature surrounding it, Karjat’s Radisson Blu spreads over an astounding one lakh and twenty-four thousand sq.ft and houses a variety of facilities. Following the client’s brief, the resort is designed meticulously by Studio B Architects led by Ar. Anil Badan to inspire tranquillity among the patrons. Principal Ar. Anil Badan with his diligent team started out by adopting traditional Thai architectural ideas and contemporised them along the way. The biggest giveaway of Thai inspiration was the pristine wood-panelled slanted roofs along with furniture styling, carpet patterns and artefacts.

Despite the extravagant size of the resort, the entire property seems to glide between the indoor and outdoor spaces in harmony. A typical Thai bed placed inside the resort’s high-roofed lobby is popular among patrons as a selfie spot. Equipped with marble, Thai-inspired tiles and furniture, the lobby takes the customers on an authentic Thai experience. The entire property accommodates around 155 rooms, including 100 standard guest rooms, eight suites and some attached villas. The lobby opens into a striking courtyard shrouded with Karjat’s natural excellence.

Snuck between the restaurant and the reception is an interesting spot, sandwiched between water bodies from both sides, one natural and another an infinity pool. The space is expressly designed to host a sophisticated high tea or have a quiet early morning tea. Promoting respite from the demanding hustle of everyday life, the resort dedicates an entire building to its enchanting spa. The independent building encases three single and two couple massage rooms, along with a salon, lifestyle store, changing rooms, steam sauna and a sizable gym adjacent to the spa lobby.

Further into the property, the resort also provides provision for a professional getaway, with three meeting rooms, and a courtyard leading to an expansive banquet- carpeted in Thai patterns and easily maintained colours- which leads to a pre-function space and a lawn. Designed to assimilate the needs of an assortment of customers, the resort incorporates a small kid’s section and a bar in separate locations. The blue bar, attached to the area adjoins a courtyard that allows people to unwind amidst a natural setting.

The resort surprises with an occasional pop of colour paired with the subtle shades that run throughout the resort. A combination of rust & green on the exterior and amber & green on the interiors transitions seamlessly to merge with the design. Studio B Architects took special care to pick complementary lighting fixtures that range from functional to ornamental. Each space is installed with lights that bring out respective design elements. A few bespoke pieces like a chandelier designed and detailed by the Studio B Architects team advocate the lux level of the entire resort.

Studio B Architects resolutes in the belief that opulence doesn’t have to come at the cost of sustainability. The majority of the materials used in the design process are sustainable and support the local community. From wood to local stones and weaving work on carpets that flow immaculately with doors and ceiling designs, Radisson Blu Karjat embraces vernacular with an air of grandeur.



Name of the project: Radisson Blu, Karjat
Design Firm: Studio B Architects by Anil Badan
Location: Karjat, Maharashtra
Area : 1,24,000 sq.ft

Studio B Architects


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