" Our lifestyle isn't fixed, so why should our spaces be? "
Weaved City brings a creative layer of personalization between the people and their dwellings through an innovative form of flexibility.
The project, informed by concerns about the lack of affordable housing options faced by youth in Moscow, understands housing as a basic necessity, and as society changes, the standard house causes friction with new demands from new ideals of recent times. The proposed housing aims to accommodate changing patterns of tenancy that aren't anticipated at the time of its construction.

Weaved city is an affordable housing project where you can weave your own spaces in accordance with your own individual needs. As the youth of Moscow have raised concerns regarding affordable housing and the lack of land in the area, an affordable housing in Moscow with minimum wastage of spaces and dwellings through an innovative form of flexibility became a necessity. The solution to design has resulted into three levels of flexibility: re-adjustability by rearranging furniture; re-size ability by shifting partitions and walls; and re-interpretability by dynamic area configuration. This housing is apt for the youth that can be individuals, couples and even families. The typology is organized into three options: singular core (for individuals), twain core (for couples), and ménage core (for family). This housing also accommodates temporary tenants when the work style and short-term living conditions are taken into account. The housing is assembled on demand, using prefabricated panels woven into a scaffolded framework. The form of the structure is not definite, and it can keep on changing in accordance with height. There is an assembling unit that is present on site where the housing units are assembled.

The ground floor is an open plan which promotes community interaction. It includes green buffer spaces with seatings provided, an open-air theatre, a platform where workshops and other gatherings could be conducted, play areas, skateparks, cafes, badminton court and basketball court. Basic needs which are required by the tenants have been provided on the ground floor. There is an assembling unit where the housing units are assembled and a service entry to this is provided.


Site area:10574 sqm
Materials: Prefabricated panels, scaffolding framework

Team: Safa Shukkur, Labeeb Jan, Lulu Hasan
Tutor: Vishnu K

Weaved City by LULU HASAN in Russia won the WA Award Cycle 45. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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