Backyard is often defined as an auxiliary space for traditional houses. It is like the end of a series of daily activities and is rarely cared like the welcoming space in front of the house. In our view point, the backyard is a place where family gathers to prepare meals, a place where everyone can comfortably have a conversation without fear of outside influences, a place where we can sit quietly after a tiring day. It is like an emotional space that helps us get closer to each other and closer to ourselves.

Pursuing this concept, we wanted to introduce KA&P Villa for a young couple who started building their first home in a new urban area along Da Nang River. This is a residential house with the primarily development of the connected space is the backyard, where people most of their time can connect with each other.

A large backyard behind the house creates a two-facade front and back architecture, combined with the Southeast-Northwest climate axis to increase natural air convection for living spaces. Large terrace and glass walls combined with water architecture help regulate the climate in the most active way.

The architectural space using the large span structure combined with the minimalist orientation in interior design that emphasizing the convenience in use and leading by the feeling of light together with showing a liberally spiritual experiences of the owner.



Location: Da Nang, Vietnam
Area: 300m2
Area construction: 850m2
Number of floors: 3
Status: Built

MAS Architecture Workshop
Lead Architect: Nguyen Cong Thanh
Team Members: Le Tinh Tam, Le Truong Giang


MAS Architecture

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