The building is a Tower structure like its counterparts all over the world, it is a Socio-Cultural- Symbolic Building. Cooperation and participation of the municipality and civil society was given great importance and the process was carried out in this way.
The building, which was designed 21 years ago but not implemented, was re-designed in accordance with today's technology and regulations, with the letter of consent given by the author Ragıp Buluç to Levent Timurhan.
The Methodology of the Republic Tower;
- On the ground floor; Tower entrance platform activated with pools, indoor and outdoor cafes, Souvenir Sales Units, Social Areas, Landscape and Natural Recreation Areas, Mobile Sales Cars, walking paths, playgrounds, Cable Car Connection..
-Tower Upper Floors; Multi-Purpose Hall-Restaurant, Art Gallery, Sculptures Floor, Pigeon Floor, Sinedome- Planetarium, Science Center, Revolving Restaurant, Outdoor Observation Terrace, Cafe-Indoor Viewing Areas, Kubbealtı Wedding-Meeting-Show with different activity platform floors, stage and service facilities Concert-Observation Terrace.. A total of 464 car parks have been arranged as the entrance and exit of the Basement Floors separately, as the Closed Car Park, 364 Auto, 87 Open, 15 Auto Protocol. It has been envisaged a design that can establish a direct relationship with people, ensure the transition of public spaces to each other, use elevations fluently, and use Active Pools as a city square. Project; It should be interpreted as a center that strengthens social communication, where residents of all ages, especially young people, will want to be there for different reasons and will use the functions in the building effectively. As an exemplary structure that creates accessible awareness, the project will contribute to the development of the environment and its socio-economic life. Driven by a genuine urban approach, the project will be a real busy element of the city as a lively neighborhood for its users and residents. Energy sensitivity and efficiency have been implemented at the highest level.



Construction zone: 4.786 sm, basement floors 17.247 sm, total; 22.033 sm
Tower height: 176 meters
Project date: 2019-2020
Construction completion date: 2021-... 2023
Cost: $ 11,650,000 (not including reinforced concrete)

Project Author, 21 years ago Architect Ragıp Buluç
Current Project Author and Fire Project: Architect Levent Timurhan
Project Coordinator : Merih Karayol, Civil Engineer
Consultants: ;Yüksel Kaya Civil Engineer, Sabahattin Aykaç Prof.Dr.Civil Engineer
Architectural office : Timöz Architectural Co.Ltd.
Artist: Metin Yurdanur, Sculptor
Artist: Şekip Oğuz, Melting Glass Artist
Auxiliary Architect : Nizamettin Çakır, Architect
Static : Adnan Tanfener, Civil Engineer
Mechanical : Gökhan Aytaç Sandıkçı, Mechanical Engineer
Electrical : Cengiz Öktem, Electrical Engineer
Facade Consultant: Bilal Aydın, Engineer
Mechanical Monorail,Telescopic Revolving Rest.: İbrahim İleri, Mechanical Eng.
Sounding Acoustics: Asymmetric Sound, Light and Vision Systems
Three Dimensional Architecture: Burhan Bilici, 3D designer