Due to the location of the land and the volume of the building, an attempt was made to form the initial concept in such a way that it came out of the shape of a rectangular cube and had full and empty spaces and facade according to Iranian architectural patterns.

On the other hand, due to the existence of a neighboring brick building and the fact that brick is one of the main elements of Iranian architecture, it was decided that the total volume of the building be made of brick.
The openings are designed in such a way that while observing the proportions of Iranian architecture as much as possible express the type of interior space so that behind the window The triple rooms are located in the main hall, or behind small windows, there is a service space such as a kitchen.
There are two office units on each floor. One in the north that provides light from the alley and the other in the south that provides light from the yard of the building. Also, these two units face the main street and the street can be seen from the windows of the main hall of the units.

For the main room in each unit, there is a balcony facing the large window. One facing the yard and the other facing the alley.

The bricks are placed next to each other and combined in a way that reminds of Iranian architecture. The bricklaying is modern in a way that is reminiscent of the past, at the same time. How they reach each other and how they combine with the stone has happened carefully.
The way the facade reaches the openings and the form of flushing around the windows have also been formed with regard to Iranian architecture.



Client: Masoumeh Kamalikhah
Structure: Metal
Area: 2400 m2

Architect: AmirHossein Alavizadeh
Construction: Davoud Alavizadeh
Mechanical: Hesam SeyedHosseini
Structure: Babak Alipour
Photo: Parham Taghiof