Since the 60s and 70s a hippie commune has been an interesting type of life and has achieved many elements of freedom and happiness. But because of the massive development and the distance from urban areas, this type of life has encountered many problems such as health and security... until the 80s, they only existed very few in the world.

In the context of today's developed society, especially in big cities, before the pressures of life, the trend of a hippie commune has started to return. Many young people together buy land away from the city and start a self-sufficient life. however this is not always possible. In developed countries in Europe, especially Germany, where we get free health care, is it worth taking the risk of living off the grid and being denied healthcare if you need it. In the modern world it is just not so simple, unfortunately many of us have far too many ties.

The A HIPPIE CO-MI project is an idea for a hippie commune to be built in the city, where many spaces will be reused in the future as garage buildings.... with A hippie Co-mi people will live minimally (micro Living) and share more, be happier. Here they escape the pressure spirals of the city but still ensure security and health when needed.

The project was carried out on an old garage building located in the industrial area of ​​the city of Stuttgart, Germany. The building for reuse is 3 floors high and has a total construction area of ​​3612m2 with a length of 258m and a width of only 14m and it is still in use. The special thing is that it has a very nice location when it is located on the bank of the neckar river and opposite is a small island. One of the plans of the city of Stuttgart that will turn this building in the future into housing combined with work and other activities .
The reused office building will provide accommodation for 130 residents with various activities such as farming, breeding, co-working, exhibitions, fairs, festivals, cafes, libraries, boating .. .. etc.


Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Built-up area: 4800m2 ( inventory 3700 m² extension 1100 m² )
Building height: 12.5 m
Total number of apartments: 42 apartments
Total living area : 1880 m2
Total community area : 2350 m2
Total number of residents: 106 to 130 people

Ms.Student : Dao Manh Hoan

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schürmann
Radoslava Guirguinova, M.Sc.

A HIPPIE LIVING ON THE OLD PARKING GARAGE by Manh Hoan Dao in Germany won the WA Award Cycle 41. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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