The SOMA office space is designed by one of the most respected and profound names in the architecture industry. With decades of experience under his belt, Ar. Ramesh Edwankar has always delivered beyond expectations in every project. The balance of materials and, futuristic and timeless design techniques take precedence in most of his works. Timeless designs are the need of the hour. With design trends undergoing changes every season, permanent structures like buildings can only bode well if they are designed and built with constant development in mind. This commercial space in Pune is an evergreen design marvel, undertaken by Ramesh Edwankar Architects. At first glance, the use of classic materials like wood and glass throughout the office space reassures the onlookers of the strength and authenticity of the structure. On a closer look, various other design elements make an appearance and add to the charm of the place. The office layout is designed to inspire productivity among the employees without being a taxing design plan.

There is never an uneventful moment in the office, and every corner of the structure has a distinctive design element at play. The hallways and the common areas often witness continuous activity in the form of conversations, leisure breaks etc. and therefore have been treated with the same design precision and attention as main areas of business like the receptions, meeting rooms or private cabins. Architect Ramesh Edwankar made certain to draw a clear distinction between the spaces without being aggressive in setting up the metaphorical frontiers by allowing room for smooth transitions throughout the place.

The entire length of the officer witnesses a balanced interplay of dynamic design choices and fundamentally practical features. The private cabins and common areas feature tall glass windows/screens that give them a spatially enhanced impression. Similarly, while wood is incorporated in its most classic applications like unconventionally designed doors and furniture, it also makes a splashy appearance in the form of panels and ceiling accessories. The theme of attending to details continues with subsuming objet d'art pieces and paintings across the office. Including elements of art in the design breaks the monotony of plain surfaces and stipples the structure with passive movements. Other than the artefacts and painting, the careful juxtaposition of bold carpets against neutral floor tiles offers a mesmerising visual.

Staying abreast with the evergreen design techniques taken up for this project, the office features a neutral colour palate of muted shades like white, beige and brown. The colour scheme is reflected in the choice of wall paints and finishes, and the application of materials like wood and floor marble. Following the concept of biophilia, the occasional pops of green from the plants scattered around the space keep it lively and interesting. The choice of lighting fixtures complements the colour scheme. The designers have taken care of keeping the office abundantly lit with an array of industrial ceiling lights and tall glass windows in the common areas, and wall-to-ceiling glass screens to let in the natural light along with intriguing floor and ceiling lamps in the cabins.

The personal cabins are attentively furnished to inspire professionalism and comfort cohesively without intruding on their respective territories within the walls. The intelligent placement of muted design elements against the contemporary experimental ceiling designs stands as a testament to experimentation on different surfaces and draws attention to the accent while establishing the elegance of the undertones.

The entire design sequence of this commercial space in Pune is decidedly contemporary with evergreen elements interspersed with dynamic details that lend it a fresh disposition, irrespective of the years gone by.


Area Sq. - 15000

Ar. Ramesh Edwankar