The philosophical aspects of a kids teaching and learning institute: -

The prime object of an educational institute is to impart knowledge and skills to its subjects in a manner which is easy to understand and long lasting. Since ages experts have devised various ways to achieve it and the most common and popular teaching methodologies developed and widely acknowledged are auditory learning, visual learning and kinesthetic learning (learning by using physical senses). when the object is to design an institute for children, sensitivity and creativity in planning and designing of built spaces also takes center stage. A kindergarten school is the first introduction for a child with the outside world beyond the cozy comfort of the family. The first introduction with the external teaching and learning environment should be welcoming, exciting joyous, playful and free from any fear. The design, material selection and execution of such facility require a very skill full approach on the part of architects and interior designers. Starting from the entrance to the pathways planning, vehicular and pedestrian movement segregation, Landscape and play areas need astute detailing. A small child has limited focus and attention span so learning by visual and kinesthetic methods are very important in children’s pedagogy. A carefully crafted built space with various pleasant colors, textures, materials, well-lit and well-ventilated indoor spaces, rounded and soft edges of furniture and built forms plays a very important role in achieving these objectives.

The Mowgli's Land kindergarten in Bhopal is a case study in child centric approach in overall development of small kids. Right from the aesthetics of the building to vibrant and jovial interiors, introducing modern tech-oriented learning, fun filled play areas, invigorating waterbodies, carefully manicured landscapes and international affiliations for teaching methods and curriculum development everything is of the highest trade standard and uncompromising quality.

The design philosophy is centralized towards overall development and exposure to the child with a conducive environment for peer group learning. The use of vibrant color palate outside and inside with various graphic forms is intended to work as a visual stimulus and initiate the child into the mesmerizing world of art in daily life. Schools are the best place to learn and improve social skills. The sports areas, green garden spaces, swimming pool and plunge pool along with music and dance room and multipurpose activity hall offers ample opportunities for children to improve their motor skills, physical development, art, craft, social skills and overall development.



Design detailing and materials selection is very important in a school building to avoid injuries as children are naturally very active not very careful towards sharp edges and hard surfaces. It’s an Architects job to create smooth surfaces and cushiony floors to avoid injuries and Mowgli’s land has all these attributes. Another very important aspect is design as per child anthropometrics. The height of railings, sanitary fixtures, furniture etc. has been done as par the child’s accessibility and ease. The window cills have been kept low to ensure children’s visual connectivity with the nature and external world and avoid feeling of a caged atmosphere.

The modern urban lifestyle has people living in smaller spaces, limited social interaction, less physical activity and little creative approach the Mowgli’s land kindergarten school has been designed and developed to free the children from these modern urban lifestyle blockades and chart out their own way of life, grooming and learning.

client:Kinder Garden School

Stutus Completed

Plot Area : 5340 Sq Ft.

Built Area : 15340 Sq Ft.

Location: Bhopal, India