AT house is located in the densely populated area in Dong Nai province, the house is designed for a young Catholic couple with their future children. The clients are nature lover so one of their fundamental requirement is to create a living space with a lot of light, wind, and trees and to connect with nature maximum. They want to sleep in a room where they can see lots of green when they wake up each morning. Moreover, the wife wants her bedroom to be in white because she wants her private atmosphere to be unique. From all these preferences, we have proposed to them the concept, which was suitable for them.
The House, using local materials but effective, with suitable methods in order to bring out the best quality of life for the owners, Besides, the house is designed in open spaces, arranged with many trees in such a way that it makes used of natural wind and light so it does not need artificial lighting during daytime nor air-conditioning at night. The house makes the most of green peaceful spaces to clients who can leave all their tiredness behind after a long working day.
The ground floor is the main living space of the family including the living room, bed room, kitchen and dining room. These areas are surrounded with small gardens which allow the house breathing and ventilating throughout the house, in addition to allowing natural light into all rooms.
The second floor is where the bed room and the family room are, together with a big vent has been created in the middle bringing better connectivity between spaces. Moreover, the bed room and the family room are designed with floor voids and small courtyards, so you can watch the sky relaxingly and catch the nature wind to every day.
The house is not only functional and aesthetic, but most importantly, the house is designed to increase the connection between people and nature through living space with architectural solutions to create better living conditions for people while urbanization has a bad impact on the life environment.



Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 309 m2
Project location: Gia Kiem Village, Thong Nhat District, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

HoangGK Architecture