Designing a restaurant for existing brand (flamingo room)in la mer .the interior was designed keeping in mind the the theme of the restaurant and key aspect(south african restaurant-(theme-african glamour)).the theme choosen for design is diversity-representing different aspects of south africa .The walls are designed in 's' shape curve representing the flamingos neck .the colour scheme is same as the other branches of the brand .the entrance has a waterfall featuring landscape near the reception with shells as the bass(pink sea shells) and crystal flamingos and flowers in front of the waterfall.the bar countertop is also in the 's'shape with stained glass behind it having the image formed of flamingo .the seating area has curved sofa with fish scale jallies and velvet cushions .the table of dining table was designed to mimick the shape of the tree in elevation and from plan as a leaf giving the jungle theme .the focal point of the restaurant is the central seating area with boabab tree in the centre and dining area around it in circle which in plan looks like a flower .the tiles used is pink marble .the washroom is designed with pink onyx (Countertop) and flamingo shaped faucet .the lighting follows the theme and has floral lighting .the outdoor seating area is shaded with banana leaf pargolas.the outdoor seating fencing is done with animal sculpture made with gold staiess steel with hanging ants on the top .the shop front is designed simple by walnut wood on glass door forming tree and on top of te door there is abstraction of tree .the right side of the door is having abstraction of flamingo in stained glass with painted walls and plants in green stained glass.


The ceiling height is 4 meters and deck ceiling height is 3 meter and deck height is 30cm
The beams has a height of 60cm .
The stair height is 15cm

Designer: Rukhsar Khan
Instructor: Mrs.Niva Mehanta


Rukhsar Khan