To offer an authentic and iconic of Vietnamese Vegitarian food experience.
To create a natural spatial for vegitarian in Hanoi.
To create an atmosphere of retreat, tranquil but also friendly and not isolated.
Create a sense of traditional buddism in the natural space.
To offer a point of difference from competitors.

Business Name: Yên Restaurant
Business Description: Specialty Vietnamese restaurant serves vegetarian with special taste of North side of Vietnam.
Business Location: West Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Maximum clients: 120 clients
Target customer: Mainly the middle class of local community who already had the vegetarian lifestyle, and the local monks and some tourist traffic.
Area: 300m2

What type of experience are they looking for?
Customer is seeking an iconic vegetarian Vietnamese food experience with high
quality service in a tranquil and recovery spatial.
Business Hours: 9.30am – 10.00pm Monday-Friday / 10.00am – 11.00pm Weekends.
Business Format: The high quality of serving with the tranquil and natural spatial, natural relaxing sound and comfortable experience with interior.
Brand Identity: If the business brand has been developed, please provide samples of the logo, website, menu etc.

The inspiration for the design comes from nature.

The balance between the original sense of traditional and the modern sense.

The combination of traditional and modern.

The connection between human and natural.

Humans are little and lonely things in the enormous planet. The tranquillity and immensity of nature assist individuals in escaping the rhythms of daily life and reconnecting with their real nature. We hope that the architecture might serve as a spiritual retreat for individuals.
people's action line will inevitably "flow" from the inside to the outside
Key words ; Biomimicry Inspiration
Natural Shapes
Neutral Color Tone


The interior is illuminated with spotlights to bring out the volume of the surfaces. The illuminated surfaces by the light express the grinding marks of careful handiwork and the generosity of the materials. The aim is to create a cave-like space that envelops the strength and softness of the nature.

Designer-Aung Thurein Latt,Phan Anh Dung
Supervisor-Jelena Sinclair

Yen Vietnamese Restaurant by Aung Thurein Latt in Vietnam won the WA Award Cycle 43. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Aung Thurein Latt