The built of the tramway stop was a chance for returning a space which had been stolen to the city: the idea was to turn the roundabout into a public square.

Each platform can be accessed in 32 different ways by means of a fractal system of ways which surrounds the vegetation of the area.

Above the platforms, there are two empty boxes of 36 meters length, 3 meters width and 2.5 meters height that create a “floating emptiness” slightly above the heads of the travellers, with a scale more similar to the tramway than to the street furniture.

There is no distinction between the finishing and the structure, or between the parameters and the roof. The material used is isotropic in its conception and in its building.

800 circular drillings lighten the work and also add resistance against the normal tensions. The light and the air get through its pores and smooth the shadow, offering a gentle breeze in the summer months while reducing the resistance against the wind.

At night they turn into two powerful lamps which directly illuminate the platform. The benches are placed linked to the ways, and they allow travellers to wait the tramway while they keep contact with vegetation, giving a smooth light to the path.




Alberto Vicente