The project is a designed farm with an objective of reacting to a global challenge in Africa called 'Make Agriculture sexy'. The project is derived from a research datas of analyzing Architectural factors that can promote sustainability in Agriculture.

This challenge requires innovative thinking from Architectural Technologists on how we can think to create a new understanding to the community by creating innovative rural features using sustainable materials to change negative perceptions of farm life and revive interest of community to participate and invest in Agriculture.

Therefore, the design intention is to create an innovative farm where people will experience famers ways of living, learn new culture, learn new ways of farming, experience buildings nurtured with Agriculture and create a farm that will achieve both social and economic development by creating more employment opportunities to rural people.
The design idea requires implementation from investors who are ready to invest in Agriculture that will be more than farming. A farm that will offer tourism services to visitors, tasting fresh food from farms, participate in handcraft activities and farm events, learning outdoor and indoor fishings and learning new culture on how people live in rural areas. A farm that will offer accomodation to visitors from urban areas and outside the country.

This project is designed with the main objective of re-connecting Agriculture with the community through Architecture .
'Everyone deserves quality whether poor or rich'



The project is designed with materials available at the selected site which are bamboos, sedas trees, sisal fibres and clay.

Zbn Architects