Oven and Dough Restaurant is located in London, United Kingdom. Project has a minimalist Italian deisgn approach. To support that feeling terrazzo and terracotta added to the design. By having terazzo frame and hegzagone terracotta tiles, the space has flow from outside to inside and downstairs. The design has folder moss walls which used as shop sign and welcome potential customers from outside. The ceiling has mirror to refletct the light from another level and make users feel high space. Walls covered but marble, brass and antique mirros as art work.

When you reach the oven kitchen, users can feel the simplicity and cleanles by feeling whiteness of the tiles. The fire of owen makes customers feel fresh and hot pizza. Thats the reason of locating the owen visible from outside. The bar is hiden behind the column and not visible from outside.

The restaurant has a modern touch upstairs. When you come to downstairs you can feel antiuque modern celler and toilets. Groups can be welcome with big dinner table downstairs.





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