​Established in 1994 with specific market positioning and iconic architectural form, Parkson Fuxingmen had been an essential gateway to the nearby financial street. Adjacent to the headquarters of the People’s Bank of China, Parkson sits on the Second Ring Road in Beijing. As time passes, it required strategic renovation to satisfy the new generations in Beijing. Led by Aedas Executive Director Kelvin Hu, the team and Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD) have renovated and transformed Parkson into a contemporary and sustainable office building. The building is now in use with large-scale corporations including People’s Bank of China.

The design has advanced the North Tower, renovating its façade and interiors and transforming the original department store into a financial office building. The renovation integrates with the buildings along the financial street with consistent architectural style and creates a new technology-financial centre.

Juxtaposing the traditional and new elements, the design has reserved the authentic sloping roofs and octagonal building features. The façade echoes with the urban context with low-rise characteristic and simple vertical lines. Derived from ancient jade seal, low-E glass curtain is adopted to express a dignified building representation. Partial façade has complemented with windows, enabling natural ventilation and sunlight penetration within the interiors.

The renovation emphases a humane working environment, placing two lobbies on the ground floor that connect Fuxingmen station and financial zone. Smart lobby features are included to enhance the user experience and maximises the lobby efficiency, in terms of using smart lighting and elevator management. A 9-storey void and skylight create a bright and spacious atrium, injecting abundant natural sunlight to the interiors. Biophilic rooftop gardens provide a comfortable and greenery working and leisure environment that integrates with the nature.

Apart from the renovation plan, we have reserved the original locust trees to shape a splendid landscape view for the communal area. Aedas Executive Director Kelvin Hu said, “We hope to reserve the local context while bringing a new financial centre in response to the evolving needs and government urban planning.”



Gross Floor Area: 60,888 sq m

Client: Parkson Commercial Development Co., Ltd
Design and Project Architect: Aedas and Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD)
Design Directors: Kelvin Hu, Executive Director


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