The property is located near Bodrum, Turkey; in the quiet hinterland of the heavily frequented, built up coast which adjusted its whole structure for massive tourism, especially during the summer months..
The vegetation in this area is mainly characterized by olive trees and various bushes; a stunning sight to the sea opens up when standing on the edge of the slope. It has been the client’s aim to build a part time dwelling on this beautiful site.
In order to not disturb the natural environment the building consists of pre-fabricated units positioned on a couple of punctual columns. Due to this approach it is possible to protect the environment in its natural beauty, furthermore the building integrates itself into the area without demanding any terrain movements or interferences, culminating in the most gentle and elegant fusion of nature and construction. The contact between soil and the house is minimized to a point where a lower deviation would annul physical principles. If a removal of the building should be desired / necessary one day it would hardly leave any scars in the environment and thus characterizes sustainability in its most efficient form, far away from the fashioned over usage of the term in today’s media.
As the client sees Mobile Paradise as a part time dwelling it is important to provide a maximum of open space during the time the house is inhabited and highest possible closeness when nobody resides inside Mobile Paradise.
The choice of materials and complete preservation of nature characterize this sustainable dwelling.
Its poetic, elegant and hovering appearance in a specific context and the gentle dialogue with its environment transport a powerful yet calm statement against a destructive life style and tackles global issues of life in the 21st century.




rendering (c) driendl*architects

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