Renovating the Haratian House was a challenging project, challenges such as the small size of the building, the variety of required spaces, privacy and creating a sense of security for the employer.
These challenges made the design process towards the maximum use of space. According to the client›s wishes, i.e. to provide a residential unit, a guest unit and a janitor unit, the space division went in the direction of considering the living space on the ground floor and the first floor so that the family has full access to the yard and is less exposed to and the guest’s unit and janitor’s unit were considered on the second floor. The residential space is divided into two parts: the private spaces of the house that interact with the yard and the public parts that are adjacent to the passage.
And considering the family›s sensitivities, solutions were considered to control the openings as much as possible and solve the privacy.
and to solve it, Fakhromadin brickwork was used in front of the terraces of the floors to control both the light from the south and the view of the neighbors and the space of the terraces according to the functions behind it, i.e. the kitchen and rooms for the family. can be used The eyvan of the yard was placed deep so that the presence of the family would be possible in it, away from the eyes of the neighbors, so that the family could spend more time in it during the day. The walls of the yard were reconstructed and executed higher to control the view of the neighbors. Another point that was taken into consideration in the design was that each space should include an opening with its design, and for example, the diversity of the northern openings indicates the difference in the spaces associated with them. The openings of the first floor are related to the hall section of the residential unit and the openings of the second floor are related to the janitor›s section.
Creating a sense of security was one of the most important requests of the employer and one of the most challenging parts of the design. It tried to provide solutions so that the penetration of the openings is not lost and at the same time it gives the employer a sense of security. For this purpose, provisions were considered in the design of metal fences.
Another challenge was related to the fences of the parking lot and the ground floor eyvan of the yard, which had to be both movable and protective. For this purpose, the fences were designed and implemented in such a way that they move under the ceiling to have the least amount of interference.



Area: 400 square meter
Structure: Masonry & Metal
HVAC: Mini Chiller by SGP, Boiler by Iranradiator
Windows: UPVC
Lighting: LED Lights by Mazinoor
Facades: Brick by Soheil Brick
Doors and Cabinets: Wooden Materials by Schniz

Lead Architect: AmirHossein Alavizadeh
Constructor: Davoud Alavizadeh
Design Team: Mahdi Hadipour
Photographer: Parham Taghioff


Parham Taghioff