212 House

From the rocky soil of agreste
From the pernambucana bucolic view,
Hard, firm, flat,
For good architecture in the Northeast.

The cottage sprouts on the stones,
In rolling green lands,
Spreads through the place,
For a modulated white construction.

In the poetry of the rectilinear outcrop,
Everything rises and leads to nature.
Edges, volumes and balances,
Certain advances point and emerge.

Marquee, tips and contours,
Go through gaps in finite course.
Brick, iron and concrete,
In balance in this monolith.

Between encounters and mismatches,
The house takes shape.
Between cuts and cutouts,
The landscape conforms itself.

The straight line that frames,
Frame scenario, sculpt scenes.
Overflow spaces,
And it spills into so many rooms.

In the active manifest of the plans,
Everything the straight leads.
Strong, crude and light,
Everything is shadow, everything is light.

Home decor is a highlight for several reasons. The family, made up of Pernambuco, experience the culture of their land in a very natural way and, therefore, it is only fair to show it through decoration. The house is hard and straight in its shape, but inside it embraces when welcoming those who arrive with two large tile panels stamped on woodcuts by J.Borges (Bezerros-PE). In the living room, the full and empty boxes of the metalon structure make up the space with wood: Pássaro by Mestre Galdino (João Alfredo-PE), the Cabeças by Luiz Benício (Buíque-PE), and the Beata de Mocinha (Buíque -FOOT). The clay is present with the images of saints and the well-known Nuca Lions made by the Nuca Family (Tracunhaém-PE). The well-known Brennand pottery is present through the traditional collection bomboniere. In the dining room, clay was the key element: in addition to the large rosary, on the decoration tray at the top of the room, we have vases in different sizes and shapes, all pieces by Jair Monteiro (Tracunhaém-PE). The clay pine cones, very traditional pieces in the decorative scenery of Pernambuco, also make up the atmosphere next to the glasses.




212 House
Architects: NEBR arquitetura
Interiors: NEBR arquitetura
Localization: Gravatá, Pernambuco, Brazil
Author: Edson Muniz
Collaborators: Amanda Brandão e Chico Santos
Construction: NEBR arquitetura
Area: 400,00 m²
Project date: 2020-2022
Photographs: Maíra Acayaba
Manufactures: Seves Glass Block, Alcoa, Portobello, Tramontina, Deca, Iquine

Author: Edson Muniz
Collaborators: Amanda Brandão e Chico Santos


Maíra Acayaba