Thrive on limbo is a place that allows coming asylum seekers to have a standard to fulfill life during their limbo period. Here, they are provided with opportunities to learn a new language, a profession or keep making their previous career. This project is in Athens, Greece, a country located at the front line of Europe that is the host of thousands of fugitives annually. Given the economic and social characteristics of the country, the project design is developed based on cost-effective and self-sustained methods in terms of the applied material, the format of the buildings, and offered facilities compatible with the local climate and natural environment. The most prominent features of the project uses mud (ISSB) bricks as material that are made for an easy construction method and a fluid blue and green infrastructure in the the landscape of the project to enhance the quality of life. Thrive on limbo is a multi-functional project wherein buildings and landscapes complement each other for an environmentally sustainable and socially just place of living.

The project seeks to create a supportive environment in a community wherein residents could accompany the refugees in reciprocal and supportive spaces to inbreed a convective network and foster empathy, motivation, hope, and dignity. An affordable and self-sustained design that embraces refugees’ skills and co-working by learning new skills and providing their expertise among them.

The concept of the project is got inspiration from Oikos with profound roots in Greek culture. Oikos was a rudimentary unit of society in ancient Greek that formed the concept of economic village globally. Therefore, designing an affordable, self-sustainable and ecological community managed by refugees in the urban environment (near locals) for their limbo period is the main strategy of the project. Accordingly, refugees can live peacefully in a supportive environment and co-working space where can utilize their skills.



Title: Thrive on Limbo
Subtitle: A solution for the refugee crisis in Athens, Greece where people can live with dignity , learn and teach in the supportive and sustainable environment during the limbo period
Architect: Seyedsina Seyedi
Type: Thesis project
University: Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
Project location: Athens, Greece
Supervisor: Garcia Fuentes jose Maria
Date: Oct 2021- Apr 2022

Architect: Seyedsina Seyedi
Supervisor: Garcia Fuentes Jose Maria


Seyedsina Seyedi