Liberty Central is known as a hotel brand of international standards with the best features of Vietnam. With a modern and youthful design, Liberty Central brings the prominence of an international standard brand adorned with the most delicate features of Vietnamese culture. Liberty Central pursues its own style and builds its brand mark by creating comfortable and intimate spaces.
Therefore, the new interior design ideas of the hotel lobby and suites are inspired by the simple and rustic materials of the Vietnamese countryside: the elegance of lotus, water lily, and calmness. of the countryside river, storks wading through ponds to feed, the appearance of traditional folk house architecture..... Combined with slender, sharp lines, trendy materials of modern architectural style create a modern architectural style. creating a close, cozy space experience, giving customers the feeling of being at home.
The wooden walls that decorate the head of the bed, the living room area of ​​the Suite room and the ceiling of the hotel lobby are designed according to the wooden doors of traditional Vietnamese houses. Some contemporary paintings of lotus flowers, embossed pictures of the countryside are arranged at the head of the bed and bathroom to create a pleasant feeling of relaxation for customers.
Warm and neutral colors dominate and are arranged in blocks of composition and proportions to create a sense of harmony.
LED string lights are installed along the edges of the ceiling walls, the furniture elements emphasize the sharp lines of the interior space and highlight some of the subjects that embody the original country concept.



1. Area : 59 Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.
2. Technical Data:
a) Suite room: 188 (sqm), Clear height: 7,8m
b) The lobby: 58 (sqm), Clear height: 2,7m

Designed by Che Van Sang
Instructor: Dr Bui Ba Nguyen Khanh


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