The site is located in a rural town surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Its garden is full of old cherry blossom trees which completely cover the site with flowers by mid-April.

The owner, a retired business man, wanted a simple house for him and his wife looking to escape the busy city life. The house should also accommodate his two sons, their wives, three grandchildren and many friends whom he loved to invite for the night.

Considering the nice view toward the nature and the occasional visitors, TRU Architects proposed a family hotel-like house with an observatory. The house is composed of the L-shaped white painted concrete box and wood gable roof clad with dark-grey flat roof tiles. Under the roof, there are lounge, deck and three bed rooms which have a southern exposure and tree view. The Observatory tower has a bar/guest room and roof top deck with the beautiful distant view.



Architect: Cho, Sungik, KIRA,AIA (TRU Architects) Designers: Choi, Jaeil / Yoon, Kyungok / Park, Joonho / Kim, Doyun Location: Jinchun, South Korea Program: Single-family house Site Area: 2499m² Building area: 132m² Floor Area: 215 m² Building scope: 2F Structure: Reinforced concrete + Wood Exterior Finish: White paint + Flat roof tile Design Period: 2012.10. ~ 2013.03. Construction Period: 2013.03. ~ 2013.09. Photographer: TRU Architects

TRU Architects_Cho, Sungik(KIRA, AIA)/Choi, Jaeil / Yoon, Kyungok / Park, Joonho / Kim, Doyun

Cherry Blossom House by TRU Architects in Korea, South won the WA Award Cycle 23. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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