We have been associated with the client since last 3
years and it is an ongoing project which comes every
year between September and December.
Our CAD designers changed the area as per the
provided new space planning and send the CAD files to
the client.
Initially the client asked us to conduct a sample project
of a two store plan which we executed perfectly.
Then they provided the entire project to us.
We started off with 8 man months and 1 QC when we
started three years back and now we have 6 man
months and 1 QC working on the project.
We delivered the project within the stipulated turnaround
The quality check parameters specified by the client
were achieved by us very easily.
We used AutoCAD LISP programming for this project
which required specialized skills and knowledge by our



Technology / Software Used: AutoCAD 2009

AutoCAD Drafting India


Store Planning