My Home = My Town.
Every family home has few habitants, diversity of functions and an approach to togetherness and individualism as well.
The answer to this design task could be found in a town and urban planning. Home and Town have similar principles: different people living, various functions, communities, streets, places and squares.

Applying this principles I created a design where habitants own their spaces as separate buildings. Different function concentrate around a courtyard - a common living space where all meet as in the ancient Agora.

The home is symbiotically joined with the site -- each space is treated as interior and exterior as well, as in a town every building has a garden or a tarrace. The spaces can live separately as everyone is integrated with its surrounding: courtyard, green area, view axes.

Audio touch.
During the design process future habitants shared with me many ideas and stories from which one created the idea - love to sound and music. I have followed this inspiration and found ideal space based on mathemathic proportions of Fobonacci rule. The risk was to create a theoreticly ideal space for audio listening which practicly meant angled walls and ceiling. Once the concrete was poured the theory was imediatelly aligned with practice - a small private concert hall was created. Additionally we gained one more function building in our Town Home.



2 floors, 450 sqm

Wlodek Sidorczuk, arch

Jakub Majzel, Katarzyna Borkowska, Jan Tolksdorf, Grzegorz Wachnik, Tomasz Rózycki
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© wlodek sidorczuk / photo by Ignacy Matuszewski