The building has a form and space organization that is not different from the traditional mosque architecture. The Kabe, which forms the center of the Islamic world and which serves Muslims around, is inspired by a geometric cubic form in every direction.

In the project where the simple geometric forms are used; cube, mosque; sphere, dome and the triangle forms ablutions. The minaret is a structural symbol derived from the combination of these forms.

The courtyard is the gateway to the gathering areas bringing people together and a place of worship.
3 courtyards were designed. First, its the top north of the site. Here, the main worship place and the entrance to the ruined floor are provided. There are fountains and seating areas. The semi-open courtyard, which was designed as the last community place, could also be used as a place of worship on busy days. The second is the lower court where the minaret, the decorative pool and the ablutions are located. Direct entrance to the lower floor is provided here. The third is the courtyard where the Quran course is opened.

Natural lighting has been used as the most important data in the formation of facade and interior lighting. The sunlight controller panels, which consist of geometric motifs, are designed so that the sunlight does not disturb the worshipers.

The minaret emerged as an interpretation of the Arabic "elif" letter and the combination of pure geometry; rectangle and triangle. There are various minaret interpretations in the modern period, but a minaret in this form has been tried for the first time. The geometric decoration on the concrete walls are also used on the ceilings and dome.

Alacaatlı Uluyol Mosque is an architectural experiment where the elements of simplicity, calmness and balance are reflected by keeping the religion, social life and architectural approach in the foreground.



Construction: 3355 m2
Landscape: 2772 m2

Esra Aydoğan Moza, A. Talip Aytekin
Consultants: Ali Öztürk, M. Yavuz Bilgiç (Structural), Erkan Bentürk (Mechanical), Halime Demir (Electrical)