The wisdom written on clay Sumerian tablet (where the water flooded the land welfare grow and wings of happiness show up to exist) ….
The project take place in the marshland of Southern Iraq known as al-Ahwar in Arabic, is a rare wetland within a desert landscape. It hosts a freshwater eco-system and provides a habitat for wildlife, hosting several species of birds and fish.
The Mesopotamian Marshlands (al-Ahwar) have been inscribed on the World Heritage List during the 40th session if the World Heritage Committee.
The project aim for developing the marshland as region with activities can be done easily by the tourists, revival the folkloric, economic aspects of local industries also to maintain the lifestyle of the local communities and provide jobs and to encourage the immigrant to return and work in the marshland , preserve the building systems there and maintain it to receive the tourists from around the world and providing a good environment for them, developed the climate control and wild life center in the marshland to be always ready for any environmental issues, introduce the marshland to the people and draw the good impact about it
the project consist of three main part :
1-interpretation center :to introduce a place for learning and adding knowledge about the marshlands in addition to entertainment and mostly to serve tourist
2- Environmental research center :is to improve the marsh land and do research about water, flora and fauna, soil, climate and weather control
3- Lodges :to receive tourist and researchers



Developing the marsh by providing equipped facilities, giving chances for work. The project can revival the traditions there by making work shops and museums . Providing a research center to make a higher changes for making research about the marshland and to maintain and save the nature through the time . Using the local materials to Develop a new sustainable system, for building by the local experts . Develop a new accommodations with marshland experience, giving lectures for them to make it known also known for the people who didn›t visit building by combining the views with architecture to make picturesque building connected with technology.

users :
1- tourist :
from around the world in search of
A- new knowledge about the place and the tradition there
B- experience a new adventure based on the available activates of the area
2- scientist and researchers :
Who are doing some sort of research about the marsh land and how to protect the area .
3- visitors :
From Iraq who never visited marshland before to know about their culture .
4- workers :
People how work in the building like administration, cleaners, secretaries and assistance.

ISHAN by Zainab Al-Robaie in Iraq won the WA Award Cycle 25. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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bird aviary and tea time area

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