Man is an integral part of nature and cannot live in an isolated, and alienated habitat from nature. He needs air, water, and food for his survival. The wholesomeness of these essentials ensures the quality of his life and his physical, and mental well-being. Thus, man must live in close harmony with nature, in dwellings which underline the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. The last few decades have witnessed a growing awareness about, and respect for nature among people. Their need to spend time away from the city has created the concept of farm houses, and week-end houses.

One such house has been built in village Pamour, on the outskirts of Mohali. It is located on a sprawling farm abutting Chunni – Morinda road. The owner of this farm, Ravinder Singh Gill is a renowned civil engineer, and a close friend of the architect.
He wanted a week-end house which fulfils the need for a sylvan getaway. Since the house is intended to be used for short periods, the usual residential needs, for instance, a formal living room, are not necessary. The owner wanted only one spacious room with attached washroom, and a kitchenette. The house is thus reduced to a small cuboid of mass. To capture the panoramic view of the lush green landscape of agriculture fields around, it was decided to lift this mass on four stilts. The resultant covered space at ground level has been kept open on all sides. It is an ideal sitting space for family in close proximity to the nature. A small lush green lawn provides a soothing foreground to this tiny house. The remaining vast area of the farm has been cultivated with marigold flowers which not only beautify the surroundings but also give adequate financial returns for self-sustainability of the farm house.