This object is unique, practically unrivaled in Ukraine.
At the heart of the project is the preservation of the compositional and semantic priority of the surrounding park and the historically developed architectural environment of the city.
During the development of the project took into account the location of the substation - the park area, so you had to save every square meter.
Taking into account the small dimensions for the substation of this power (36 by 27 m), as well as the need to install two 110 kV transformers with a capacity of 40 MVA each, modern solutions were applied. The substation provides installation of a complete 110 kV switchgear with SF6 circuit breakers (a variety of high-voltage switches), a 6 kV switchgear with vacuum switches, and the installation of modern relay protection, automation, telemechanization and communication devices.
In accordance with the project in the basement floor of the substation will be located cable management and pumping station fire extinguishing. On the first floor there are two 110/6 kV transformers and four reactor chambers. The second floor is reserved for ancillary equipment, and on the technical floor will be located ventilation units.



Architect: Max Wenzel
Chief Engineer: Nikolay Romanko