Away from the daily routine of the city, in the center of one of the dead spaces combined with an atmosphere of mystery architecture, different and distinct lifestyle is born. Producing communication and human interaction in a seemingly dead event (under the bridge) from a spatial city with audio-visual and environmental pollution is the main objective of this project.

Heart of the City Under the Bridge

Inspired by a city and interactions in the form of a vertical structure is defined underground. Events and Interactions City that are planned in two part in the heart of the mystery:

City Services Green space and entertainment for public such as park, sport, library, amphitheater, Flower production and agriculture, public hangout, children's games, cultural ceremonies, etc. The flexible space scenario has been written!
Dynamic design and develop various potential causes free space to be created in this location. City events constitute the main body of the building. Human action and emotion and human relations in the opposition between "flexible space" change this space into a space filled with fantastic memories. The projects conceptual model is able to expand in other part of city. Communication between this space with the rest of the spaces caused the production of new beating heart of a city.

Design criteria:
- The conquest of space depends on two factors: the ability of space and human motivation.
- Place is a result of the interrelationship and interaction between the three factors of "humane treatment", "concepts" and "physical characteristics".
- Flexible space provides possibility of richer places.
- Dead spaces source is spaces where occupied more than usual.
- Free Space and flexible design.




Main section concept

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