The first design sketch is a representation of energy formula E=mc2 discovered by Einstein, in which long masses are accelerated at speed of light coming from all directions . This phenomenon is applicable to all material world, which is filled with energy and consciousness. Similar to the material world, human body and centers have potential energy (manifesting current) and kinetic energy (liberating current) flowing in opposite directions in order to give body a form. However, after balancing these two current with yoga practices it is possible to evoke third current located in the spine and travelling towards thought center, which is a state of consciousness or enlightenment. In the second sketch, these three forces were represented by three walls meeting at a point of convergence or a consciousness depicted by circle- a first principle of consciousness. Moreover, these walls are representing the upward movement and acceleration, which is an essential part of evoking kundalini and generating a feeling of bliss.
The journey between the walls involves primary and secondary path. Primary path connects all the centers homogeneously leading towards the highest point of the mountain, while secondary path starts from primary path
leading to individual center which is enclosed by walls. This principle of arranging paths is similar to human body in which nervous system is a primary channel for energy transmission, while connecting network of veins and arteries are carrying energy towards individual organs . The path leading from each center and connecting next center is a journey and a feeling experienced by a person in his/her personal life. At the end of the journey there is discovery of a true form of each center, which is filled with abundant energy and providing energy to each person while practicing yoga.



The idea was to place functions inside these walls and create an experience from each stage of development in yoga . While performing yoga, humans strive for higher vibrations as their experiences of life starts elevating. Therefore, each function is designed to provoke feeling of inquisitiveness similar to human life, which is full of discoveries, experiences and development. Hence, various functions are associated with each center in the body which has its own property carrying emotion and feelings . Furthermore, eight stages of yoga are placed on each level of the mountain, suggesting the difficulty in mastering each stage and conquering the perfection at the end of last stage of yoga, which is linked to meditation center- the highest state of existence. This discovery starts from root center and at the conception starting from spine and head which eventually develops into a full grown adult. Although, the baby is only in a primitive stage and only develops other centers with progression of consciousness associated with each center. Hence, age groups are divided and are linked to each center.

Individual (Neha Purandare)