Intepretive Center, Latmos, Muğla, Turkey
Aim of the Project is developing the areas promoting and contribute the economy with introducing the values and making region popular. The Project site is located near the Kapıkırı village and side of Bafa Lake. Are of the site is approximately 70.000 m2.

Located in the ancient Latmos bay, Heraklia's first name was Latmos and it was named after the Latmos Mountain, which reached a height of 1300 meters above sea level. Heraklia, which is not on the Ephesus-Milet trade route and is located in the Gulf of Latmos, has never been a very important city. He lost the maritime trade to the famous city of Milet, which is very close. Despite being in Ionia, Heraklia has always had the characteristics of a Carian city and historically shared the fate of the Carian cities. King Mausolos cunningly took the city and changed the name of the city. He took the name "Heraklia ad Latmos", which means Heraklia under Mount Latmos, in order to separate from many cities of Heraklia with the same name. Heraklia, which was conquered by the general Lizimahos in 287 BC, was built around the city walls that still stand in all their glory. These walls, which reach a height of approximately 500 meters above the lake level, are reinforced with 65 towers and are approximately 4 miles long.

Large stones are broken due to earthquakes or any other reason and they break into small stone pieces. This process is very interesting. The process of breaking the whole into small pieces was used as an inspiration in the project.

Rock connections create a passage and they gave me an inspiration and used the idea in my transition between buildings. The relation of buildings and asmas is like a relation of rocks and stone moss.



Land area: 70.000 m2

Kaan Zeyrek