Water is one of the most important source for living. 97% of these resources are the seas and oceans. In todays world, seas are facing with a major problem.

Marine Pollution:
Pollution damages to environment, all organisms and economy. Around 100.000 sea creatures die every year due to this problem. Excessive industrialization, misfishing, wastes by the factories, unconscious society are the most known factors of the pollution.

Mission Conservation:
To save the world , we have to conserve seas.There are lots of benefits of the seas that we don't know.They contribute to sustainable development, poverty eradication, food security, nutrition, livelihoods and transportation etc. They are important source of the biological diversity and ecosystem servives of the planet, vital for watercycle and climate system. Also they produce half of the oxygen that we need.

Methods of conservation:
There are lots of studies about the conservation and cleaning. According to Sylvia Earle, who is a marine biologist, if people go this way, they will consume until there is nothing left in the world.We have to raise awareness about the seas.

Posidonia Oceanica:
It is a sea meadows species that is endemic to Mediterranean Sea. Grows in clean waters.This seagrass has lots of important features.The most important one is that making photosynthesis and cleaning water by producing oxygen. Also it is primary producer in food chain, key ecosystem for biodiversity, produces 10 lt of O2 for 1m² per day. It is a host area for animals and also protector. These species contributes ecology, sediment, science and economy. It prevents erosion, protects shoreline also react as a barrier and clarifies the water.

Saving P.O. = Conservation of the marine ecosystem

To create a platform which has a role in conservation, awareness, culture and researches about today and future. Project is expected to perform these roles in integration with the sea medows which has a vital role in marine ecosystem.

Program and Architectural Scenario:
It is designed as a platform of conservation. So, main features of this design are observation of sea meadows and making researches, educate public about marine protection and to create awareness in society. For these aims, project is located under the sea. There are two main masses and between them, there are underwater tunnels above the sea meadows. Meadows are growing in between grids and used in observation , scientific researches and also education. People can visit this platform and gain lots of information about marine ecosystem. Because of the project topic is related of seas, these project is nearly doesn't see from the land. There are walking paths on the sea to make stronger the bond between nature and people. Also the meadows within the lagoon are locates above water and create a contextual relationship with the sea meadows In the fist building, it reacts as a learning center, the other one is mostly for scientific researches. The mass that connects the two masses reacts as a marine corridor.That visitors can watch exhibits and learn much more things about the world under the water.There are workshop spaces, university meeting areas, various laboratories, classes, cowork spaces, accomodation areas, exhibition spaces,forums,course areas and etc. *The program can be seen in diagrams part.*



Area : 10.000 m²
Location: Inciralti cost , Izmir Bay , Turkey
Site is located in Inciralti recreational area. There is a lagoon on the left side where various bird species live. Area has a meaning in urban context and it has a relation with the project topic. It is a bond between human and nature.

Reason of using concrete is that they have a potential to become a habitat for the sea creatures.

Seameadow underwater tunnels:
Aim of the tunnels are to provide a strong connection between water and land. People can visit the platform, walk and witness marine life directly as if they were walking on the land.

*In structural mass diagram, whole parts can be seen and understand.
** Looking diagrams, can be helpful to understand the project.

Zeynep Pınar Karaöz


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