The main focus of the project was to design a restaurant with a strong connection to the exterior and where people interested in outdoor extreme sports could relax in the natural parks. The goal was to create personal and public spaces where you could interact, entertain or retreat.

In order to ensure integrity with structures that mimic nature with the requirements of the Modern era, we transferred the project to design, and when we looked at the resulting result, we were happy to see that we had achieved this.

The design concept is structured around the premise that our Cafe & restaurant brings the essence of family life to the forefront. It consists of a single - story mezzanine with a height of 600 square meters-10 meters. It therefore sits harmoniously in a contoured terrain, forming a strong internal-external link.Therefore, it is designed to fit the modern lifestyle of the customer with high windows to maximize the natural lighting in the Cafe & restaurant.

Large sliding doors separate the patio area from the interior living area. A centrally located dining area on the lower floor, together with a kitchen and wc, serves as a private dining area on the mezzanine.

The Cafe & restaurant has a large waiting area in the entrance lobby. Each intervention and space planning is designed with the social life of the customer in mind. The structure is generally constructed with steel construction.

To this end, this project demonstrates both the social and special texture of a home. A different living space has been created where art, space and material quality play an important role.



The design process was to try to strike a balance between the current topography and the creation of an architecture that came with it.

* The use of stylish window profiles for large viewing panels, thus facilitating natural ventilation.
* Replace sunshade panels as weather protection.
* The use of acoustic and insulation panels, thus creating an ambient microclimate inside.
* The height of the building is 12 meters.
* Ribs surrounding the outer perimeter consist of steel and metal materials.

Hasan BOZLAĞAN ( Architect)
Poyraz Emre BİNGÖL ( Architect & Author )