- Architecture Center - is a contemporary place and a milieu both for architects and the public who want to be involved thinking on architecture and experiencing their building environment in more sensitive way. Also, it`s a chance for improving design ability, theoretical background and also experiencing new structural material and technics; both for architects and the public whom concern with architecture. Architecture center in this mean has more functions than just being a place for architects and architectursl teoretical discussions. Of course this is also important but not enough just byself. Interraction, Understanding architecture as a cultural phenomena and art in addition to building science an interractive and efficient dialogue is required between architects and the public.

- This Architecture Center is also a part of an open-air museum which includes historical places and buildings as well as new urban fabric.

- An Architecture Center - both for architects and the public - should be discovered within thecity itself and have a space that form its own atmosphere.

- Experiencing arcitecture and being a flaneur in the city, built environments is extremely important in my architectural point of view, but also as a living.

- My thesis concerns with directly architecture centers and examines them in the context of architecture- public dialogue. It can be reachable within the WA website both from my page and theaory and issue pages.


Architecture Center by Buket Demirel in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 5. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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