With the development of the industry, water factories have been established in many settlements around the world. Although the aim seems to be to provide water to people and the city, in fact, water factories are preparing the ground for the commodification of water and the rule of water right by capitalism. We will understand the real purpose of Izsu's water distribution and processing system, which is an example of public water factories in the period of liberalism of capitalism in the 21st century, when the state took its place in this system. For this reason, we will first examine the establishment adventure written in the Izsu database, but the process of establishing the real water adventure in capitalism, and then the software and targets involved in the operation of the existing water factory.
By hacking the aboman software that serves capitalism and transforms our water rights into capital, we are trying to ensure that the water factory, whose main purpose and function is understood, can obtain the water rights of the city dwellers without making anyone a capitalist. In order to infiltrate the software and invade the area, we first identify the software buildings in the field and the important entry points of the region. In line with the analysis we have determined, we first reach the server room, then reach the aboman software and change the water coefficient in this software, raising awareness and inviting the public to the field with the invoicing system.
We see the water pipelines that guide us in the entrance to the field, and then the width of these roads increasing, sometimes the vehicle road, sometimes the pedestrian road, sometimes the floor / roof of the mass or open / semi-open spatialization. These lines, which have a horizontal transmission network, are connected to each other by masses whose vertical locations are formed according to the site area. This is a collective work center that discusses, researches, produces and distributes the right to water of the city with the water pipelines, mechanisms and software. There are plenty of coworking areas and exhibition and information areas where information hidden from the public is exposed. The aim is to give the city dwellers the most basic water right of the individual, without being commodified, and thus become an example of the recovery of our other commodified rights and opens a new way.






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