Classic bedrooms have a special visual appeal and special shapes are used in them. Classic decoration may seem like an old style to some, but many people also choose classic decoration for their home. This style does not have the flexibility and adaptability that modern architecture shows and this is one of the main features of the classic style. Wallpaper is usually used to work on the walls. Beautiful wallpapers give the room a different effect. You can use wallpaper for all the walls of the room or use a wall to paint the wallpaper to show the focal point of the room. Bedroom walls are usually painted with wallpaper and decorated with plaster. From the wallpaper we can also mention small patterns and ordinary flowers. In general, it can be said that the walls in the classic style should not look empty. In the classic style bedroom, the location of the bed is such that it does not face the door; That is, if it is half open in the bed, it is not visible at all. It is also better to choose your bedroom privately and avoid placing a lot of appliances in it. Classic style involves the use of large mirrors that expand the view in the room. Ceiling design in the bedroom Classic style is usually such that the flat surface is used and in its design, light colors are used, the most popular color is white. . You can also make murals on the ceiling that tell classic stories. In the design of the ceiling, plaster and foam decor are used, and the paintings on the roof in this style give it a bold look. In this project, we used wallpaper on the ceiling, and the purpose of this story was to coordinate the ceiling and the wall of the complex. This project is designed for a middle-aged couple and due to the lack of interest of the employer in the full-wall mirror of the bathroom, it has become a mirrored glass that helps to enlarge the space while reflecting the light. This master bedroom has an area of ​​32 square meters



Intelligent design system of lighting and underfloor heating

James Totti