In recent years, there has been an increasing growth in the construction and operation of commercial complexes throughout the country. But in addition to the growing number of these complexes, only some of them have succeeded and accommodate a large number of visitors, and other complexes are constantly changing the use of commercial units.

The design of shopping and multi-purpose vacuum centers of most types of buildings is more influenced by the consumer to establish the relationship between the architect, employer and clients in the best way. The process of designing and building multi-purpose complexes often begins when the type of stores and the original owners of the shops have not yet been determined, and when the residents and uses are identified, their specific needs and equipment affect the design process or even the master plan. puts.
Multifunctional projects are the basic needs of metropolises today, the existence of which contributes to sustainable development. In addition, newly established cities or dilapidated cities will be able to build and create such a capacity to lead to progress and development. .. Now many cities in the world with the help of this important have been able to attract domestic and foreign capital and create a kind of economic stability. The present project is a multi-purpose or dominant commercial, office, sports and recreational use that is able to meet the needs of all users. Different ages of users can meet several needs from one collection at different times by referring to the collection, and this point Fundamental and important of such projects. This project is designed for Argentina and, if implemented, will be able to meet the needs of one tenth of the city. Such complexes with the aim of centralizing public uses can also answer the main problems.



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Ziddi Mazel