The purpose of the project was to create a comfortable accomodation for citizens with different needs and renovate the square on the main street. The idea was to make a whole image of building but with some tiny parts that will catch the viewer's eye. The city where the project is located is a historical mark itself and therefore the architecture tends to some classical forms. Therefore the forms used in the project remind of classical image of a residential house, which was simplified in order to create a more up-to-date view of the facades. The chosen materials (wooden panels and metallic paint) obey this purpose as well. As a result the building represents a modern looking accomodation inside and out with a classic spirit inherent in the city.
The project consists of a residential building with five main floors, an attic floor and a common basement. Each floor is composed of 3 sections and has 10 apartmets. There are different apartments: from 1 to 4 rooms and 2-level apartments on the upper floor. The attic floor also contains technical premises. The attic parts of apartmens have big triangular windows and a free layot. The configuration of the building is chosen according to the master plan, where there is a crossroad and a public square on the main street. The triangular balconies on the north-west coner of the buildind make an accent on this corner. The balconies on the north-east and south-west corners are rotated 45 degrees in relation to the main volume of the building to maintain the form of the main corner and to get an unusual comfiguration of the room inside that allows to have a spacious living room with a comfortable zoning. The volumes of balconies are united with a wooden wall covered with metallic paint, gable roofs and a solid looking glass. The loggies and staircases are united by a solid looking glass with a triangular crown as well. Windows and plinth are united with wooden pannels with natural texture. The area around the building includes a small parking lot, playgrounds and recreation zones. The public square in front of the building represents small square recreation zones with fountains and green.



The structure represents a framework with columns 400x400 mm and a gable roof with a rafter system. This structure was chosen to avoid thick walls that would have both to carry the loadings and to protect the microclimate inside the building. The main material used is wood with 3 different coverings: metallic paint, stucco and substanse that brightens it's natural texture. The most area of the walls is covered with stucco, and metallic paint along with natural wooden texture are used to make accents.
Technical and economic indicators:
V construction - 23217,5 м3;
S property - 5055,8 м2;
S building - 928,7 м2;
S total - 5003,6 м2;
S living - 2155,1 м2;
S useful - 3678,5 м2;
К1 - 0,59;
К2 - 10,8;
Number of aprtments - 50.

Jawa Rashid