Magok waterfront aspire to restore new balances, between centre and suburbs, intercepting new polarities able to ransfer to a hinterland the centrality in a landscape situated between sky and water. The intervention, strongly connected to the urban fabric formalise harmony and tension, continuity and reflections, in the future development of the area of Magok. The strength of orthogonal axiality is totally reversed, describing, like in a Narcissus’s mirror, at the margin of an outline, the face of furrows and transparencies, waterways that alternate in a fluid route of navigation. Water, for its nature without form, gets inside, in an under pot of landside, modelling solid surfaces and elevations, configure and makes own every drawing, formulating contractions and ties. The aim is to restore a new connection with the water system which is ever denied
by the presence of the impressive embankment of Han river. The invaded water stands on the system of the orthogonal mesh of Magok and takes the form of a big rectangular block, extended in the total area of the project, until it break the river’s embankment. Crossing the Olympic expressway the intervention denounces its presence outside with the
elliptic system of the weir that create a new landmark, whose distinctive and symbolic character is well received by navigating Han river. On the river’s embankment in which
the walk of the riverside insert, in continuity with the waterfront, the pathways project become hinges of contiguity, where the different functions integrate and compensate themselves.
The water is the element that characterise and give form to the project, delineating an urban park where landscape is architecture. On the stretch of water, urban axis project and in contact with it, they contract like tendons to the limit of a tension induced towards the lead. Fluid forms acquire flexibility drawing a new urban geography, with hills, cavities and crossings. The continued landscape, becomes the scene of one system that project itself on the full surface defined by the big structure. It transcribe a pending connection, between architecture and nature, which in the reflected water contain an upside down landscape that pick up the functions of a complicated development. A right model, between nature and artifice, behind a place of rapprochement to the urban centre. An anthropic margin able to activate high-grade processes in the transformation of an extended fabric. An articulation of a project that declare in its dimension a park which collect with a standard of a big area flora, fauna and activity to benefit making easier different encounters.
A water park like a metropolitan poster, of extra urban environment, reversing the connection city-country, that change, opposite conditions, and configure a landscape of


Water_Form_Park by Ilario Tassone in Korea, South won the WA Award Cycle 1. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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